Apartments Lopar - Neda & Nedo Matahlija Lopar 277

Apartments Neda & Nedo Matahlija offer accommodation in 3 apartments for 2 to 16 people - apartments have standard equipment with terraces, separate entrances and ensured parking space.
In case you want to spend your vacation in Lopar and enjoy virgin nature, apartments Neda & Nedo Matahlija are just the right place for you.

 Lopar is a tourist place on the island of Rab, 12 km away from the old town of Rab. The place is known for its exceptional natural beauty and picturesque sandy beaches along the highly indented coastline.




Apartments Neda & Nedo Matahlija

Lopar 277

51281 Lopar


Telefon: +385 51 775 396